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about Indzhe Voyvoda

People in the village tell stories that here the legendary Indje Voyvoda was shot. He was passing by with his squad. They were looking for a way to make more wealth and stopped by the house of the mayor. Indzhe looked through the door lock but he was shot between the eyes. He did not die on the spot. His squad took him to the Dervendjik area near the village.  The story says that there the young voivod ordered to his squad to separate the wealth between them equally and move on. But before that to bury his share on the spot, where he was laying lifelessly waiting for the end.

Over the years many treasure hunters were looking for his treasure, but it is unknown if they found it.

Nowadays the old house of the mayor was rebuilt but there is a memorial plate that can be seen by the guests of the village.


with history

In the village is the church of Prophet Saint Ilia (Elijah) which has more than 200 years of history. There are also numerous chapels in the surroundings of the village. In the church can be held all services approved by The Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Few times a year animal sacrifice is held for health, fertility and blessing.


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