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Our family is big. We have four inheritors, who we believe we will teach to appreciate labor and absorb the love for nature. We know that the pure, authentic food is crucial for the growth of children and for people`s health in general. That is why we produce and propose tasty products that are made by old traditional recipes, created by new modern technology, so they are healthful as possible. Everything that we create and love is on our table and shared with you – our friends and clients.

The steps of

Our process

To be sure of the high quality of the product, we closed the production cycle. From choosing the location of the apiary to the closing of the cap of the product, everything is under our control.


Our bees live in ecologically clean areas in the mountain.



The yield of honey is done by automatic unsealing line and automatic centrifuges without contact with a human hand.



Everything that we add in the beehive for the care of our bees, is either made by us or it is as natural as possible.



We do not just sell honey. We propose a solution how to bring honey in our everyday menu. We produce traditional Bulgarian recipes but instead of sugar we put in honey. That way we know that the needed daily amount of honey is provided.


From the beginning

to the end

To be sure of the quality of our products we closed the production cycle. The important first step is to choose the location of the apiary. We choose clean regions far away from agrarian farming and close to fresh water source. We breed the bee colonies by a biological method with care and love.


and innovations

The yield of honey and honey products is done in a preservative way for the bees. For the extraction of honey from the honeycomb we use automatic unsealing line and automatic centrifuges, all this with no contact with human hand.


always matters

Samples from every batch are being tested in our own laboratory for monitoring of the quality of the products. Tests for quality and maturity of the honey are made before and after the extraction. Annually we send combined samples in a German laboratory for thorough analysis.


for the product

Following our desire to offer real high-quality products we invested in a processing factory for honey packing. The factory is equipped in the most modern way, so we can operate in a preservative way to keep the qualities and ingredients of the honey.

The decrystallisation is done by hot air no more than 40 degrees Celsius. The honey is gently extracted and flowing into a homogeneous vessel. From there it is flowing into the automatic machine for jar fueling which can be programmed to fuel jars from 50 grams to 5 kilograms. The last step is automatic closing of the jar cap so the whole process can finish without contact with a human hand.


in every drop of honey

We only use glass for the packing of our products, plastic is taboo. We make sure the products are preserved and transported the right way, so they can arrive at your table with that unique and pure taste just like nature created them. We distribute our products personally. You can always find us or visit us, so you can be assured about our way of work.



We chose to live and work here. We realise how important is to take care of nature. We farm around 7000 acres of agricultural lands and pastures. Among the lands there are 50 acres of vegetable gardens, 30 acres of perennial crops and orchards. We breed horses, ponies, donkeys, calves and small animals like chickens, turkeys, rabbits, geese, quails, etc. For us the quality food is really important and that is why we try to create exactly this.

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