Installation of automatic bell ringing equipment


We said goodbye of 2021 with a donation of automatic bell ringing equipment for the church St. Prophet Ilia(Elijah) in Indzhe Voivoda village. Now on every holiday, and also every weekday, the sound of the bells rings around the village.

Indje Voyvoda village welcomed the Christmas holidays with the new festive ring of the church bell tower. 

Our farm renovated two old bells of the church Prophet St. Ilia(Elijah) in Indje Voivoda village. One of the bells is from the first church that was in the village long time ago and is probably more than 300 years old.

So the bells in the tower are now 3.

The installed computer device on the three bells enables every morning and afternoon, the inhabitants and the guests of the village to hear the purifying melody of the bells.

Every holiday from now on will be commemorated with the magical song of the bells, just by pressing a button of the device.


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