#1 Young farmer of Europe - 2021


On 09.12.2021 in the European Parliament in Brussel 7th EPP European Congress of Young Farmers took place. There the problems that nowadays farmers are facing, were discussed. 

It was noted that despite the difficulties and crisis, which we try to solve daily, Europe did not went into food crisis, thanks to the hard work of the farmers.

The issues that the young farmers(below 40 y.o.) face, were looked through. 14 candidates were selected to compete. They had to present their successful, sustainable and innovative farming projects.

The awards were in three categories:

  • Most resilient product in a situation of crisis - winner - Spain, two sisters who preserved a 400 year old tradition of cheesemaking. 
  • Bringing in digital services in farming - winner - Austria. Introducing of a QR code for tracking of the product from the shelf in the store to the farm.  
  • Sustainability and development of the regions - from the farm to the table - winner - Bulgaria - Bee Farm Strandja - closed cycle of the product from the farm to the table in a poorly developed region Strandja. Improvement of the region, job openings, attraction of tourists and wholesome sustainable idea of development. 

For us is an honor and pleasure, but also a responsability, to be awarded with this prize! It gives us confidence for the ideas and projects we work daily. It gives us confidence that we walk the right path and we showed Europe that in our country, we can show development and creative ideas. The receiving of the award is also a responsability to maintain the level and to raise it when possible.

This award is not only ours, it is award for Bulgaria and all of our partners, and last but not least - our clients. Choosing our products, the clients give us opportunity to develop!

The whole of Europe heard and saw Bulgaria!

The Best Young Farmer of Europe in 2021 - Dimitar Stanchev - Bee Farm Strandja - Indzhe Voyvoda Village


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